camping on mount kilimanjaro

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Tanzania. Although some things have been adjusted (see our new Standard Operating Procedures), there are some things about trekking Kilimanjaro that won’t change…


How Impressed You are with the Porters

kilimanjaro porters are superheroes

Carrying 33 pounds is no easy task to begin with – never mind doing it at high altitude, for days on end! The porters on Kilimanjaro are super-humans, and will constantly leave you amazed with their strength, speed, and smiles!


The Height

mt kilimanjaro in tanzania

Mother nature answers to nobody. So while other adventures may be altered or shortened nowadays, Kilimanjaro stills stands at its imposing 19,341′. There’s still only one way up: one step at a time. Pole pole!


The Night Sky

night sky and stars above thomson kilimanjaro camp

You may be distancing from the crew and other groups on the mountain, but you will still be as close as ever to some incredible nightly views. You may see the twinkling lights of Moshi down below, or colorful brush strokes of the Milky Way above! Remember to look around before you go to bed, and during your midnight bathroom breaks.


The Flora and Fauna

giant lobelia plant on mount kilimanjaro

There are things on Kilimanjaro that you can find nowhere else in the world, like Giant Groundsels and Kilimanjaro Impatiens. Your guides will point them out and tell you all about them so you don’t miss anything, and can still take some great photos!


The Appreciation for Hot Water Bottles

Even with insulated sleeping bags, fleece liners and all-weather tents, the night temperatures on Kilimanjaro can still be quite chilly. The crew will fill your water bottles just before bed with hot water to warm up your sleeping bags. You’ll be surprised at how cozy you can feel at 15,000’!


The Love You’ll Feel for Your Guides

kilimanjaro guide and trekker celebrate at summit

Though you may not see the smiles under their masks, you’ll still grow to love your guides while on the trail. The concern they show for your safety, the knowledge they share about their home, and the encouragement they give along the way will remain the same.


How You’ll Feel at the Top

No amount of face masks or distancing or temperature checks will change what happens when you approach the summit. When you reach Uhuru – when you see the sign, when you look around and there’s nowhere further to limb, when you realize you made it – you will hit a wave of emotions. Maybe it’s euphoria, joy, and pride. Maybe it’s disbelief, elation, and thankfulness. The feelings are different for everyone, but whatever they are for you, you’ll feel them no matter how you get to the top.


How Much it Will Stick With You

iconic glaciers on mt kilimanjaro

We’ve seen it in many of our guests, that weeks, months, or years after summiting, they still think about their Kilimanjaro trek often. For some, Kili has been a starting point for new lifestyles, or journeys to the Seven Summits. For others, it serves as a personal reminder that if you’ve done this, you can do anything.


Climbing Kilimanjaro is such a life changing experience, either on a scheduled trip or on a private adventure. Call or email, and we can share more of our favorite things that will still be there waiting for you.