wilderness first responder certification


We’re pleased to announce that all Thomson guides renewed their Wilderness First Responders (WFR) certification during their recent WFR training course! This course is offered by the internationally recognized Sentinel Outdoor Institute. It’s the highest level of safety training available on Kilimanjaro–and for Thomson head and assistant guides, it’s standard policy.

Thomson is one of the only trekking companies that requires all guides to have this rigorous safety training, and renew it every few years, to stay abreast of top safety practices. All Thomson guides already had the certification, and many have gone through the course nine, ten, eleven or more times–for them, this was simply a refresher!

wfr training for kilimanjaro guides


The 10-day course occurred at the Thomson office in Arusha, and was packed with lectures and hands-on, practical skill development: setting up hyperbaric chambers, administering oxygen, performing CPR, carrying stretchers and more. If it can happen on the mountain, the training course covered it!

Thomson’s comprehensive approach to mountain safety combines this cutting-edge training with the highest quality safety equipment available. This approach greatly increases the ability of Thomson guides to proactively prevent sickness and injury while and respond to emergency situations with the highest level of preparedness.


mountain safety certification


During the training course, the guides had fun, worked hard and studied carefully to ensure they received their qualifications.

Their knowledge and experience are invaluable assets on the mountain, and one that our guests can appreciate. This obsession with safety is integral to Thomson’s 98% summit success rate!

Next up, Kilimanjaro!


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