Our head guide, Gabriel, was very professional and thorough. We immediately knew we were in good, competent hands. We also has an amazing crew of 23 unbelievable and hard working men who were there to support us and help us get to the top of this mountain. Gabriel was our head guide and his assistant guide was Loshi.

We also each had a personal porter (mine was Isaac and Kaleb’s was Phillipo), and we had a porter who carried all possible medical support we might need. We also met our chef, Felician, our waiter, Adam, our two other porters Jeff and Isaac, the camp manager Ali, and the very important, respected, loved and cherished Elisant, the man who took care of our portable toilet. I can’t tell what a wonderful job he did and how really nice it made the trip. There were so many other men and I did not learn all of their names, but they were always friendly, encouraging, kind, and ready with a smile. Each and every one of these men seemed happy to be there, and each was completely competent and professional. Our group of seven hiked along happily and enjoyed each other’s company.

We truly enjoyed the trip of a lifetime with Thomson Safaris. I can’t thank you all enough for your attention to detail, care for the traveler, and unbelievable staff! We have been home for almost a month and I continue to have dreams about this amazing trip!  We would love to share our experience with anyone interested in going. Feel free to share our information!