We had an amazing support team of porters. The porter assigned to carry my extra gear and set up my tent every day came out to greet me on the trail after camp had been set up for the night. Communicating mostly through gestures, he led me to my tent and helped me with my pack, gaiters, and boots. He always offered to take my pack for the last part of the hike.

A special memory I have is of him coming to meet me at the sign-in at Barafu Camp. This was the end of a very strenuous summit day. After signing-in, I had much further yet to go than I realized. I was glad to turn my pack over to Fester and he supported me physically, taking my arm, to help me make it the rest of the way to my tent. On the way I stumbled and broke free of his support. He helped me up and helped me tend to a cut I got on my finger. That sense of support and camaraderie was present every single day.

I would not have summited without all of their efforts and I am deeply grateful for all of them. They were all terrific.

– Mike Morse

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