All of the porters were among the most positive, friendly individuals I've ever met. Most of them have done this trek dozens, if not hundreds of times, so they shared their wisdom of, and enthusiasm for the trail, cheering us on as we made ventured up the mountain. Seeing the porters basically sprint up the mountain while carrying at least three times the weight you have on your back was inspiring in itself, but their personalities made it all the more impactful.

The porters were beyond helpful. One of the trekkers in my group had a knee injury that hindered his ability to go as quickly as everyone else, but the porters stayed by his side and even carried him up part of the mountain to make sure he reached the summit. The level of dedication they have to ensure your success is unlike any support system I've encountered!

On the second evening, one of the trekkers on my trip got a frisbee and was throwing it back and forth with one of his friends. After the porters were done setting up camp, they joined in the game. Everyone had so much fun throwing a frisbee around the campground, even after a long day of trekking. It was really special to see everyone spending quality time together despite having only known each other for 48 hours.

– Lena Bent

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