My twin boys and I summited Kili last August, 2016. We will always remember Henry Ngo, our personal porter. He was kind, helpful, and personable. I wouldn't have made it to the summit without his help. I had recent back surgery and couldn't train much before the trek. He knew that and stuck with me the entire summit night. He carried my pack half way up the mountain, gave my boys and I snacks, and really showed patience as we ascended the peak.

We got to be good friends today and often e-mail each other. Maybe one day he''ll be able to visit our family in Hawaii. I also summited Everest Basecamp in 2013 with my twins and also remember how great and supportive the sherpas were. We all know they're the real heroes.Without them, most of us couldn't make it to the summit! Hope this gets to Henry—tell him we said Aloha!

– Donn Tokairin

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