I couldn't be more happy to share my experience! We had an absolutely amazing team of porters on our trek that consistently left me in awe. I still think about each of them almost daily, wondering how they are doing.

A few stand-outs were Baba, who was the oldest porter on our team but without a doubt the strongest! Octavia carried my bag near the summit when I was so tired I wasn't sure I could do it - I am forever grateful for that. And I will never forget our waiter Paul, who woke us up with a smile each and every day, warmed water to keep our feet toasty at night, encouraged us to "washy washy" our hands before every meal, and was genuinely the most positive person I think I have ever met.

Our trip would not have been the same without these amazing men! Our success is entirely, completely, 100% because of them.

– Haley Mistler

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