I had been looking forward to climbing Kilimanjaro for 13 years. About ten years ago, I started doing web searches and Thomson was consistently rated the best. The awards and testimonials made the difference. After years of dreaming, it all finally came true on summit day. Absolutely awesome experience.

As climbing Kilimanjaro had been on my list for a very long time, finally getting to do it was a life changing event. It has reinvigorated my thirst for adventure and helped fine-tune my life for the better going forward. Part of that is trying to do more for others.

I fully expected a lower standard of living in Tanzania, but was struck by the level of poverty. I have travelled to Central America several times, but the difference in Tanzania was striking. While I know I can’t help everyone everywhere, I will be donating to FoTZC (www.fotzc.org)and KPAP(www.kiliporters.org). Seeing the gear that many porters from other companies had for such a strenuous trek made our whole group realize how much better our porters had it working for Thomson. That said, I’m going to be organizing an informal gear drive amongst my outdoor-loving friends to gather as much useful gear as possible.  Once I get it all together, I will ship it to you so that it can be forwarded to KPAP.

Thomson’s consultants were thorough and helpful and the mountain experience great. Thomson was professional throughout the entire experience.