You were a gem in helping me through the arrangements and ALL the details. You were always available to answer my questions and allay any worries. The packing list was perfect and all the gear was great!

The climb is amazing. Our guide, Onest Mtui, is terrific and has to be one of, if not, the best!! He is a very kind person and loves his job. I came down with a bad cold at Lava Tower and Onest was so nice: he made sure I had help over the hard spots, made sure I had hot tea and would take breaks when I needed them. Seriously, I do not think I would have summited if it were not for him. Onest was always there if anyone needed him. We were a high maintenance group! I think very highly of him.

The entire climbing crew was great and the assistant guides, Glory, Pablo and David were all super nice, entertaining, knowledgeable and helpful. It was very special to have Glory guiding us. She is delightful and a treasure for Thomson. I actually cried on the last day because all the porters and guides were there singing to us so sweetly and they risked their lives for our success. It is a wonderful culture and the kindest of people. They all made the climb more special than the summit and that’s saying a lot!

The safari was great; we really enjoyed it and we did see the big five! The entire experience was amazing and I still think about it every day. What a great group of people Thomson has with the porters and guides. We would ask them how Thomson treated them, how they like their jobs and they all spoke very highly of Thomson and of how well you take care of them, from bank accounts to health care. This is commendable and makes Thomson stand out from all the rest.

I head back to volunteer in Tanzania in May and I am very excited! Thank you again for such an amazing and wonderful experience with Thomson Safaris!