Thomson Safaris climbs Kilimanjaro for Miracles for Molly Dunne
Go to a prom, go on a safari (at Six Flags theme park), go to a father/daughter dance:
these were some of the items on 7-year-old Molly Dunne’s bucket list. Tragically, she didn’t have the opportunity to fulfill these simple wishes. After collapsing on her first day of kindergarten in September 2010, she had a long, difficult battle with pulmonary hypertension and the rare genetic disease, Hereditary Hemorraghic Telangiectasia (HHT), which eventually claimed her life in May 2012.

In her honor – and in order to raise awareness of this preventable disease – people have been taking a photo of themselves with Molly’s picture in various places around the world. Now Molly has been to a prom, visited an aquarium and been to the state fair, all of which were items on her bucket list. Her photo has traveled across the US, Europe and has even landed in the hands of host Mario Lopez on the television set of Extra.

Thomson Safaris’ guest, Dr. Scott Olitsky, raised money on two Kilimanjaro climbs for HHT and brought Molly’s story to our attention. When he asked if we could take Molly’s photo to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, we were more than honored to do so.


Thomson Safaris staff carried Molly's photo to the top of Mount KilimanjaroThomson Safaris’ staffer, Rachel, with a photo of Molly at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

Kristen Dunne, Molly’s mom, said, “I received the pictures of Molly at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I was thrilled beyond belief to see that! Molly was one tough cookie and I know she would have loved to have been able to do that some day. Thank you so much to everyone involved in getting her up there. Thanks so much for wanting to share Molly’s story. It makes me smile and keeps me going every day knowing that Molly continues to make a difference.”

Join in and support Kristen Dunne’s initiative to make miracles come true for Molly while raising awareness for HHT, a genetic condition that causes malformations in blood vessels. She adds, “We want to get the word out to hopefully help prevent another family having to go through what we’ve been through.”


Thomson Safaris honors 7 year old Molly Dunne by climbing Kilimanjaro

To learn more about Molly’s story, HHT and to see photos of how others have contributed to Miracles for Molly, visit her Facebook pageMiracles for Molly and her Caring Bridge.