view of Kilimanjaro summit from Moshi


Whether you’ve been dreaming of climbing Kilimanjaro for years, or have just recently decided to make the trek, we are excited to help you summit Uhuru Peak! The Kilimanjaro climb is a challenging, life changing, and wisdom imparting experience that will provide a lifetime of incredible memories. Need inspiration to get you started? Here are best views you’ll spot on the journey to the Roof of Africa – the rest of the memories are yours to make.


Shira 1 Camp
On the Western Approach and Grand Traverse treks, this is the first time you’ll be above the forest. Take in the rolling sky and be on the lookout — when the clouds part that’s when you’ll see Kibo’s snowy peak in the distance.


Shira 1 Camp offers great views of Kilimanjaro's peak Shira 1 Camp by day

Starry night sky at Kilimanjaro Shira CampThe starscape makes Shira 1 camp even more impressive!

Shira 2 Camp
On a clear night you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular sunset behind Shira Peak, and uninterrupted views of Uhuru Peak.


Views of stunning sunsets at Shira 2 Camp on Kilimanjaro


Sunsets and clouds at Shira 2 Camp on Kilimanjaro


Barranco Valley
Like a landscape from a Dr. Seuss book, the Great Barranco Valley is a surreal sight to behold. This is the only place in the world to find the alien-looking giant groundsel plant, a mutated variety of a common weed. In addition to the funky flora, there are crystal clear waterfalls, impressive views of the glaciers shimmering above, and a massive wall that will have you scrambling up the path.


Barranco Valley Kilimanjaro most scenic spots and offers stunning views


Giant groundsel near Barranco Valley Camp, Mount KilimanjaroGiant groundsel near Barranco Camp, Mount Kilimanjaro

Karanga Camp
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to reach out and touch marshmallow clouds, you’ll find out here. While not actually close enough to reach, the ethereal clouds appear as if they are just an arm’s length away. On clear nights you’ll spot Kili’s little sister, Meru, off in the distance.


View of Mount Meru from Mount Kilimanjaro


relaxing in the tent at the Karanga Camp on Kilimanjaro A little R&R at Karanga Camp

Barafu Camp
The summit is near! An early wake-up call is rewarded with a picture-perfect sunrise over the jagged outline of Mawenzi Peak. It’s a majestic view that will help power you through those last steps across a moon-like landscape to Uhuru Peak.


sunrise view over Mawenzi on the hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro Sunrise over Mawenzi Peak

Barafu Camp on KilimanjaroBarafu Camp perched on a rocky precipice

Crater Camp
If you have the chance to detour to Crater Camp, take it! Towering blue glaciers (whose size is unfortunately shrinking) stand in stark contrast to the ash and lava covered floor of the crater. Best described as mix between a lunar and arctic environment, it’s like no other landscape on earth.


View of Crater Camp from above on Mount KilimanjaroView of Crater Camp from above

Views of glaciers from Crater Camp on Mount KilimanjaroCamp next to the famed glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro

Summit on Uhuru Peak
It’s not the fanciest sign, but once the summit sign comes in to view, you know the goal is near! When you reach the Roof of Africa, reflect for a moment to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment, and take in the austere, yet dazzling beauty around you.


Picture of guests at the Kilimanjaro summit sign on the roof of AfricaThe Roof of Africa!