We’re only a few weeks into the New Year but if you’re finding those resolutions are already falling by the wayside, take some inspiration from Helga to stick with them. At 78, this Thomson trekker set her goals on conquering Kilimanjaro and became the second-oldest woman ever to reach the top. What’s more is that she climbed with grace and humility.

She said about her accomplishment, “I never think of it as anything special. It came as a big surprise to me that I am the second oldest woman to successfully have reached the summit. I’m sure it is only thanks to Thomson’s superb crew.”

Wilfred, the group’s guide, commented that she was an inspiration by saying,  “Bibi is my rock star, she makes everyone in the group happy.”  (Bibi is Swahili for Grandmother) So what’s Helga’s secret? She cites a strong positive attitude and living by this mantra: It is good to try something we think we cannot do because we find out, we can.


Helga celebrates her Kilimanjaro summit with Thomson Safaris at age79Helga at the summit / The surprise celebration at the trail gate following the trek

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