Thomson was well-worth the investment!

Steve at camp during his Umbwe Route Trek

I’m very happy to have chosen Thomson Safaris for my Kilimanjaro trek. The extended Thomson team was exemplary. I’m very happy that I spent the extra money and went with the best provider available – choosing a cheaper operator would have meant failing on the climb. I researched many tour groups and options for climbing Kilimanjaro and decided that Thomson offered the best chance for success, even though the cost was significantly higher than the low budget tours. In retrospect, I realize that I would never have made it to the top with another group. I definitely made the right choice!

Thank you Thomson for the trip of a lifetime! You guys are great, and well-worth the extra investment. Everything on the trek was A++++. Food, water, porters, guides – everything.

Steve O.
Kilimanjaro Umbwe Trek & Safari, January 2013

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