I’m happy my family chose Thomson Safaris!


Gildea Family

Custom Trek

The Gildea Family trekked Kilimanjaro’s Umbwe Route with Thomson Safaris in January 2013. The family members recall what made this trip a special experience:

We are all proud of one another for our accomplishments. All of the guides and porters were extremely supportive and very well skilled. I owe a great deal to my guide, Sunday, for his enormous positive support of me getting to the top! We had an unbelievable experience with Thomson! We will never stop talking about our trip of a lifetime or singing Thomson Safaris praises!” – Lois G.

“An awesome experience! I loved every day because there was always something challenging. The guides and porters were very nice and helped with anything and everything. It was awesome getting to know them. The summit day was the hardest physical and mental thing I’ve ever done and I am a collegiate rugby player.” – Robert G.

“This was an experience I will never forget. I am so happy to have had the staff we had because they became like family to us. There was trust and comfort with every guide and most porters that we became close with. I’m happy my family chose Thomson!” – Kathleen G.

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