The entire trip was one big highlight film.

The entire trip was one big highlight film; it was an amazing adventure that I will never forget.

I felt we were in good hands from a health perspective. Every night our guides would check our oxygen level and heart rate, and were always making sure we were feeling OK. It was reassuring to know they were concerned about our health and not afraid to turn us back if necessary. I saw some people from other groups being carried down the mountain in very rough shape, I can only guess it was from altitude sickness and ascending too fast – something our guides would not allow to happen.

The porters should also be recognized for their tremendous effort. They all worked very hard to make sure we were comfortable, and they always had smiles on their faces. I feel like I made a lot of new friends on this trip. I also could tell that Thomson took care of them; from what I could see they were better equipped than porters from other organizations. I was glad I chose Thomson when I saw that.

I have to tell you the spaghetti at 15,000 feet was the best spaghetti I ever had in my life. I think I ate three plates. Seriously, the food was fantastic throughout the entire trek.

Overall it was a tremendous experience and I’m glad I chose Thomson Safaris. The trip was well-organized and  the Tanzanian guides and porters and cooks and waiters were all fantastic!

Dave B.
Kilimanjaro Western Approach Route, January 2011

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