Wilfred was professional, attentive…


We had a fantastic experience and were continually grateful to have the Thomson Safari guides and porters leading the way. Wilfred was professional, attentive, knowledgeable and trustworthy, a calming presence to have managing all of the details. We were especially impressed by Liberate whose intuitive and sensitive nature was noticed by many on our trip. He was wise and thoughtful and a great support system for our group. Calvin was also a stellar resource and leader. He was always good for a joke – he has the best smile and laugh I think I’ve ever seen – but, also knew when to keep it serious.

The accommodations and food were also great. Our porters made us comfortable and always aimed to please. The staff did a good job ensuring my gluten-free diet was safe.  Thank you again for all of your support throughout this process. We were so happy to have Thomson as our outlet … our memories made in Tanzania will last a lifetime!


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