I tell people all the time how wonderful the porters on our trip were. They would wake us with our favorite beverage, feed us breakfast, cheer us on as we left camp like we were doing something great.... after we left, trekking slowly to the next camp, the porters would pack up camp, shoulder it all, move swiftly by us on the trail, prepare the next camp for our arrival, and then cheer for us as we wandered in,... again, as if we had just achieved some heroic endeavor! NEVER anything less than a smile, and often in song.

They really were a huge part of making the experience what it was! HUGE!

My personal porter, Zak Petro was fantastic. Couldn’t do enough for me. He stayed by my side through the entire duration. He did everything from carrying half of my load to watching me to ensure that I was doing well, to being good company. We didn’t speak a common language, but we figured out a way to make everything work. I was lucky to have him!

– Brad Singer

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