Though this is a rather mundane story, I found that it immediately resonated with me, and continues to do so even now. The third day of the trip seemed particularly demanding, and I was pretty spent when we reached camp. The thought of just resting in the tent for a while was particularly appealing. As I walked past, Elipokea Adam, our campsite manager, I asked that would it be possible for someone to inflate my sleeping pad (doing one’s self is not good at that altitude).

I remember a broad smile formed on his face, and he took me by the arm, led me my tent and asked me to look inside. There inside was a perfectly organized tent with inflated sleeping pad awaiting. I found this to be not only extremely efficient, but even more a touching kindness. This was reflected in all personnel on the trip…always kind and thoughtful, and willing to go above and beyond expectations to make my trip successful. I will always remember that smile!

– Allen Anderson

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