kilimanjaro photography with jedspics.comPorter beside Crater Camp glaciers – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro’s majesty is almost impossible to describe, but they always say a picture is worth a thousand words; photos of Africa’s highest peak convey the wonder and strange beauty of Kili immediately. Thomson Kilimanjaro trekkers regularly capture breathtaking images during their time on the mountain. The photographs are so impressive, we wanted to learn more about what went into them. In this ongoing series, our most avid photographers share some of the secrets behind the stunning images that make us all wonder “How’d you get that shot?”

Jed of joins us today.


About the Photo

What do you like about this shot?

The subject matter is intriguing – an immense glacier in a stark setting. The people give a context to the glacier size – without them the enormity would be lost. Their winter jackets emphasize the cold temperature.

What type of planning was involved in order to capture this image?

The position of the sun is critical by making the walls of the glacier bright and glisten. The rays of the sun are intentionally included to give power to the image.

Which camera did you use, and why?

Canon 5d Mark II because it takes .raw images which is critical for post processing. Anything more is overkill for most amateurs. The skill of the photographer is far more important than the quality of the camera.

Which settings did you use? Are there any technical tips you have for photographers who are more advanced?

For this shot, use a high F-stop to: 1) increase the focal length to emphasize the glaciers size and 2.) to make the rays of the sun more pronounced.

Which tools, during either the shooting or editing process, did you use to enhance the photo?


What advice do you have for Kilimanjaro trekkers who want to capture the perfect shot?

Take many pictures and keep very few. For photographing people: concentrate on the face and eyes, forget about the feet, fill the frame with the person.


About Jed

How many years of professional photography experience do you have?


What’s your favorite thing to photograph?


What do you think of a Kilimanjaro trek as an overall photographic opportunity? What made it special to photograph?

Kilimanjaro provides rich photographic opportunities due to the five distinct climate zones.

Where can we find your work?

There are many examples of my work on my website:



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