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Congrats, you’ve climbed Kilimanjaro! You’ve sweated, strained and sacrificed on your quest to the Roof of Africa. You’ve accomplished something incredible. But what’s next? Your flight home?

Before you go, make more of your time in Tanzania with a post-trek safari. Track lions across the Serengeti, count giraffes from a hot-air balloon and share cocktails with new friends at the lush eco-lodge Gibb’s Farm. Thomson Safaris, named one of Travel and Leisure’s World Best Safari Operators, has been making dreams come true in Tanzania since 1981.

Your hard work is over—here are seven reasons to let us take the wheel.

Get Some Bang For Your Buck. A Lot of Bang.

safari in tanzania after kilimanjaro trek
You’ve flown hours and hours, crossing seas and continents to reach Tanzania. Why not get extra adventure out of your plane ticket? Safari is the greatest road trip on Earth: witness the circle of life play out across a dozen different ecosystems. Acacia scrublands, plains, forests, calderas, volcanic slopes, kopje-studded hills and more make every day feel new and exciting.

Tanzania is the safari capital of the world. When you add a safari after summiting Kili, you check off two bucket list trips at once.


The Serengeti is an Endless Haven of Biodiversity

herd elephants in serengeti

Abundance, animals and adventure are the fantastic trifecta that defines Serengeti National Park, Africa’s premier wildlife destination. Here are the fast facts:

  • This dynamic ecosystem spans 5,700 square miles of plains, forests, hills and more–that’s about the size of Connecticut, absolutely teeming with wildlife.
  • Some 3,000 wild lions live in the Serengeti–more than in all of Kenya! In fact, Tanzania has more lions than Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa combined. They’re so abundant that Thomson can guarantee a lion sighting on every safari!
  • Over 500 of Tanzania’s approximately 1,100 bird species can be seen in the Serengeti.
  • The Great Migration, the largest mammal migration on Earth, occurs entirely in the Serengeti ecosystem. Wildebeest, zebras and gazelles numbering in the millions take part in this annual, cyclical pursuit of the rains.


Ngorongoro Crater is Home to Africa’s Densest Population of Mammals

Approximately 25,000 mammals live in Ngorongoro Crater’s 100 square miles. That’s 250 animals per mile! You’ll spot them as you drive down from your camp on the lush crater rim to the floor of this extinct volcano.

lake at ngorongoro crater

It’s one of the only places where, with a little luck, you could spot all of Africa’s Big Five in one day–lion, leopard, elephant, African buffalo and black rhino. But keep all hands inside the vehicle! The crater boasts the highest density of predators in all of Africa.

That’s not to mention everyone else: the dik-diks, topis, elands, warthogs, lizards, hippos, flamingos, cheetahs, monkeys, jackals…you get the idea?


Rest Your Legs At Camp…

After days of trekking, you’ll want some time to rest your weary muscles and recuperate. Thomson’s exclusive Nyumba camps offer just that.

thomson safaris camp in serengeti

Look forward to queen-sized beds with freshly pressed sheets, private en suite bathrooms and private showers with hot water. Sip a sundowner on your furnished veranda or hang out in the lounge tent. Camps are designed to maximize your comfort while keeping you close to the wildlife.


…and at Gibb’s Farm

Gibb’s Farm is the ultimate trek recovery destination: a lush paradise of old-growth trees and gardens, greened thick with foliage of the Ngorongoro slopes. This historic eco-lodge offers true farm-to-table dining, spacious cottages and plenty of opportunities to kick back, relax and indulge your senses.

No wonder Travel + Leisure called Gibb’s one of the 10 best safari lodges in Africa!

gibbs farm gardens


Go On a Hot-Air Balloon Safari

It may not take you as high as your trek to Uhuru Peak did, but a hot-air balloon safari offers an incredible top-down perspective on the Serengeti. All balloon rides occur in the early morning, meaning you’ll be high in the sky as a golden, long-shadowed sunrise spills over the plains. And that’s just the beginning.

Witness seas of wildebeest roaming the land. Drift peacefully over animals who prance, dart, gallop and graze in the shadow of your balloon. Up in the sky, everything’s quiet: it’s just you and the occasional roar of the balloon’s burner, making journeys where vehicles can’t go.

Plus, there’s a champagne breakfast afterwards!


Safari at Your Speed

Want to see the Great Migration but don’t have much time after trekking? Our 5-day Craters & Plains Safari delivers. Want to experience world-class wildlife viewing and forge connections with Maasai communities? Check out our 7-day Highlights Safari. Private and custom safaris are also available if you have different ideas, interests or areas you want to explore.

These itineraries are designed with Kili trekkers in mind. They let you see the highlights without moving too quickly or lingering too long in any one place. Because you’ve already spent a significant amount of time in the country, this attention to pacing helps you have a robust, memorable, but not overwhelming safari. It’ll round out your Tanzanian experience with incredible memories and a broader familiarity of the country’s dynamic character.



Round out your epic adventure in Tanzania
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