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If you’re trying to explain just how high Kilimanjaro is to someone, here are a few quick comparisons.


Taller than the 16 Tallest Buildings in the US Combined

Have you ever visited One World Trade Center or the Empire State Building or The Ledge at Willis Tower? The panoramas from these buildings are impressive, but they’re nothing compared to the Roof of Africa.

If you stacked One World Trade Center on top of Willis Tower and added the next 14 tallest buildings in the country to that, the structure still wouldn’t reach Kilimanjaro’s peak, which is roughly 110 feet taller than the 16 tallest buildings in U.S. combined.

In fact, it’s over seven times taller than the tallest manmade structure on Earth – the 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa.


Roughly 7,000 Feet Higher than a Typical Skydive

When you fly out to Tanzania, your plane will cruise somewhere above 33,000 feet. But if you went skydiving tomorrow, your pilot would take you up to around 12,000 feet – less than two-thirds of Kilimanjaro’s height above sea level.

A short flight might not go as high as Kilimanjaro’s summit either, depending on a few variables. For example, it would be normal to fly up to just 18,000 feet in a midsize jet going from Boston to New York City.

Of course, it’s possible to parachute from higher altitudes. Interestingly enough, the first ever Kilimanjaro BASE jump occurred just a few years ago. BASE jumper Valery Rozov used a wingsuit to jump from the Western Breach Wall at 17,931 feet.



Kilimanjaro Compared to the Highest Point in Your Home State

Take a look at the highest points in the country state-by-state and you’ll see there’s no place in the U.S. quite like the Roof of Africa.

Denali, the highest mountain in North America, is the only peak that comes close to Kilimanjaro’s height, but it’s a remote, glaciered peak that requires a significant amount of experience and a multi-week expedition to summit.

The highest peaks in each of the other 50 states are several thousand feet lower than Kilimanjaro. Find your home state below to see how much lower your highest mountain is in comparison.


State Highest point Highest elevation Difference Compared to Kilimanjaro
Alabama Cheaha Mountain 2431 16910
Alaska Denali 20310 -969
Arizona Humphreys Peak 12637 6704
Arkansas Mount Magazine 2753 16588
California Mount Whitney 14505 4836
Colorado Mount Elbert 14440 4901
Connecticut Mount Frissell 2379 16962
Delaware Near the Ebright Azimuth 447 18894
Florida Britton Hill 345 18996
Georgia Brasstown Bald 4784 14557
Hawaii Mauna Kea 13803 5538
Idaho Borah Peak 12668 6673
Illinois Charles Mound 1235 18106
Indiana Hoosier Hill 1,257 18084
Iowa Hawkeye Point 1671 17670
Kansas Mount Sunflower 4041 15300
Kentucky Black Mountain 4145 15196
Louisiana Driskill Mountain 535 18806
Maine Mount Katahdin 5270 14071
Maryland Hoye-Crest 3360 15981
Massachusetts Mount Greylock 3489 15852
Michigan Mount Arvon 1979 17362
Minnesota Eagle Mountain 2302 17039
Mississippi Woodall Mountain 807 18534
Missouri Taum Sauk Mountain 1772 17569
Montana Granite Peak 12807 6534
Nebraska Panorama Point 5427 13914
Nevada Boundary Peak 13147 6194
New Hampshire Mount Washington 6288 13053
New Jersey High Point 1803 17538
New Mexico Wheeler Peak 13167 6174
New York Mount Marcy 5343 13998
North Carolina Mount Mitchell 6684 12657
North Dakota White Butte 3508 15833
Ohio Campbell Hill 1549 17792
Oklahoma Black Mesa 4975 14366
Oregon Mount Hood 11249 8092
Pennsylvania Mount Davis 3213 16128
Rhode Island Jerimoth Hill 811 18530
South Carolina Sassafras Mountain 3560 15781
South Dakota Black Elk Peak 7244 12097
Tennessee Clingmans Dome 6643 12698
Texas Guadalupe Peak 8751 10590
Utah Kings Peak 13534 5807
Vermont Mount Mansfield 4395 14946
Virginia Mount Rogers 5729 13612
Washington Mount Rainier 14417 4924
West Virginia Spruce Knob 4863 14478
Wisconsin Timms Hill 1951 17390
Wyoming Gannett Peak 13809 5532