14 Tips from a Staffer and Recent Kilimanjaro Trekker

March 18, 2019

My name is John King. I’m one of Thomson Safaris’ staffers, and I recently summited Kilimanjaro on the Western Approach route. I’m a novice mountaineer, and I wrote about my Kilimanjaro preparation just before my adventure. Now, I’d like to share a few things I learned on the mountain. 1. Prepare for Dry Air and…

lacing techniques for hiking boots

Lacing Your Hiking Boots for Kilimanjaro

February 20, 2019

  Even with a pair of broken in boots that fit well, your feet may get sore after so much hiking on Kilimanjaro. Luckily, there are a few lacing techniques that can relieve pressure or help secure your but to reduce friction and blistering.   Surgeon’s Knot If your boot becomes loose around the heel…

thomson staffer john packs for his kilimanjaro trek

How a Run-of-the-mill Guy Prepares for Kilimanjaro

January 25, 2019

Watch as I run through the packing list in the Thomson Kili Prep Guide. Check the packing tips page on our site for more details on what to pack.   My name is John King. I’m one of Thomson Safaris’ staffers, and I’m getting ready to climb Kilimanjaro’s Western Approach. What’s special about me climbing?…

thomson porters on kilimanjaro

What do Kilimanjaro’s Porters Do?

January 23, 2019

Imagine waking up at 13,200 feet on Kilimanjaro on the sixth day of your trek. A friendly face might hand you a cup of coffee as you tie your boots. Another might refill your water bottles. Later, a team breaks down your tent, toilet tent and dining tent, stows away the food and cooking equipment…

A Day-by-day Trekking Journal to Kilimanjaro’s Summit

December 17, 2018

Ralph and Szabi met in Basel early in 2017. Ralph owns a positive change consulting practice, and Szabi is a scientist who works for one of Ralph’s clients. Szabi talked about climbing Kilimanjaro at one meeting, and Ralph suggested going together. The rest is history. They kept a day-by-day journal of their journey from home…

hiking boots on kilimanjaro

Buying and Breaking in Boots for Kilimanjaro

November 19, 2018

  You’re about to walk over 30 miles up the tallest mountain on the continent. Trust us – your boots are your most important piece of equipment. So, let’s talk about boots! What should you buy and how should you get them ready for the mountain?   How to Buy Boots for Kilimanjaro First, we…

what to wear recommendations on mount kilimanjaro

What to Wear on Kilimanjaro: Tips and Staff Recommendations

October 24, 2018

How do you dress to hike through Kilimanjaro’s five climate zones? From the humid, equatorial heat of the rainforest (high of 70-90 degrees) to the peak’s icy drifts (low of -10 degrees), this mountain will require quite a few wardrobe changes. You won’t just change outfits from zone to zone either. Kilimanjaro creates its own…

trek to kilimanjaro snowy kibo

How High Did You Just Climb? Visualizing 19,341 Feet

August 9, 2018

  If you’re trying to explain just how high Kilimanjaro is to someone, here are a few quick comparisons.   Taller than the 16 Tallest Buildings in the US Combined Have you ever visited One World Trade Center or the Empire State Building or The Ledge at Willis Tower? The panoramas from these buildings are…

Olympic track and field athlete Nick Symmonds

Olympian Nick Symmonds Summits Kilimanjaro

July 12, 2018

Erik van Leeuwen, via Wikimedia Commons   Nick Symmonds isn’t your typical mountaineer. A two-time Olympian and seven-time NCAA champion, Symmonds is a world-class athlete who just loves climbing. He became one of three runners in US history to break the 1:43 barrier in the 800-meter race and broke the 4-minute barrier on the mile…

Climbing Kilimanjaro with Dad

Special Moments Between Fathers and Children on Kilimanjaro

June 15, 2018

A test of strength and grit followed by an accomplishment you’ll never forget – could there be a better bonding activity between a father and his son or daughter? We’ve happily facilitated countless treks that have turned into special moments between fathers and their children. For Father’s Day, we’re highlighting just a few with quotes…