Congratulations! You are now at Uhuru Peak, Africa’s highest point and the world’s tallest free standing mountain. This is the information posted on the sign at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

It is more than just a mere sign—these rustic, wooden planks have become an icon for trekkers who set their sights on the 19,340’ peak. When the sign finally reveals itself from a distance, it transcends from a landmark to become a symbol of achievement. For many trekkers, reaching the sign (and getting that great snapshot) becomes the sole motivation for the final push of their ascent.

Kilimanjaro summit signOld Kilimanjaro summit sign
Photo courtesy: Peter Gaylord

Uhuru translates to freedom in Swahili but for those who have trekked to Kili’s summit, Uhuru Peak – and its iconic sign – represent victory!

Thomson Trekker, Tracy, describes her first view of Uhuru Peak’s summit sign, “Reaching Stella Point and seeing the Uhuru Peak sign in the distance was the highlight – nothing was going to come between me and the Peak. [It] gave me an adrenaline boost and refueled my emotional ability to get to Uhuru.”

A new sign was erected at Uhuru Peak a few weeks ago, replacing the brown, rustic, weathered landmark with a shiny, new, green sign. This extreme makeover coincides with Tanzania’s semi-centennial – the new sign may have been a 50th birthday present to Uhuru Peak. Here’s to the next 50 years and a new vision of freedom and/or victory at high altitude!


Thomson Safaris helps guests hike to the summit of KilimanjaroNew Kilimanjaro summit sign
Photo courtesy: Leslie & Andy Biggs

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