With temperatures ranging from the 90s F near the base to as low as -10°F at the summit, and weather that can change from bright sun to a chilly downpour in minutes, there are few items as important on your Kilimanjaro trek as reliable rain gear. These days, much if not most waterproof gear involves Gore-Tex, since the fabric is simultaneously waterproof and breathable.

But high-quality Gore-Tex gear can be expensive, and you may want to use it long after your trek. Many people don’t know how to properly clean and care for their Gore-Tex items, which can leave them prone to mildew and can shorten the life of the products.

Fortunately, the folks over at Arc’teryx (one of our favorite brands for high-quality, durable trekking gear) have put together a handy video tutorial on how to wash and care for your Gore-Tex products. Use their tips to keep your outerwear and shell items clean, weatherproof, and like-new as long as possible!