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Category: Mountain Facts

kilimanjaro trekking myths busted

7 Kilimanjaro Trekking Myths, Busted

Myths and misconceptions abound on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Some are harmless, while others can have a serious impact on your ability to reach the Roof of Africa. Let’s look at seven common Kili myths and see why they’re misleading.   Myth: The Climb is Technically Challenging Because Kili is one of the world’s Seven Summits, a…

thomson tent on mount kilimanjaro

Things That Won’t Change About Your Kilimanjaro Trek

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Tanzania. Although some things have been adjusted (see our new Standard Operating Procedures), there are some things about trekking Kilimanjaro that won’t change…   How Impressed You are with the Porters Carrying 33 pounds is no easy task to begin with – never mind doing it at…

trekkers at kilimanjaro saddle on grand traverse

7 of the Best Things on Kilimanjaro’s Most Luxurious Trek

One of our Grand Traverse trekkers wrote a message to us recently. It was titled “Best Selling Points for the Thomson Grand Traverse.” “Having a cot off the ground is HUGE!” “Not having to wake up and hike to summit in the middle of the night!” “Choice of whether or not to sleep at Crater…

kilimanjaro snow peak

What is Kilimanjaro? Volcanoes, Peaks, Formations and More

Did you know Kilimanjaro is made up of three different volcanoes? Or that it’s the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth? You might dream of the summit, but don’t be surprised if the Barranco Wall becomes your favorite part of the mountain. Kilimanjaro is full of surprises large and small – multiple peaks that will be…

trek to kilimanjaro snowy kibo

How High Did You Just Climb? Visualizing 19,341 Feet

  If you’re trying to explain just how high Kilimanjaro is to someone, here are a few quick comparisons.   Taller than the 16 Tallest Buildings in the US Combined Have you ever visited One World Trade Center or the Empire State Building or The Ledge at Willis Tower? The panoramas from these buildings are…

kilimanjaro glaciers 2009

Kilimanjaro’s Endangered Glaciers

Living or not, glaciers are being called an endangered species by members of the scientific community. Why? Because around the world fields of ice are retreating – many at unprecedented rates. Here are the facts about Kilimanjaro’s glacier loss Kilimanjaro’s glaciers are shrinking in surface area and becoming thinner. Glacier surface area shrank by 1…

record setting trail runners on kilimanjaro

The Skyrunners: Kilimanjaro’s Record-breaking Racers

  A 33-mile round-trip run up 15,177 feet, through jungle, beyond glaciers and past clouds to the highest point in Africa – then back down again. It takes the average trekker seven days. Kilian Jornet and Karl Egloff did it in around seven hours and set records for fastest ascent and descent on Kilimanjaro. Here’s…

Welcome to Kilimanjaro’s Rainforest

  Below the arctic peak of Kilimanjaro, a misty jungle covers the mountain slopes. Moss-covered trees, seas of ferns and elusive monkeys abound in one of the Seven Summits’ only rainforests. This is where every Kilimanjaro trek begins. Lemosho, Umbwe, Machame, Marangu, Rongai – your first step is always into a sprawling jungle filled with…

oxygen to summit kilimanjaro

Do I Need Oxygen to Climb Kilimanjaro?

  It’s a question we’re asked all the time—which makes sense given Kilimanjaro’s epic proportions! On Everest climbs, bringing supplemental oxygen is a matter of course, and some companies tell trekkers they’ll provide it on Kili as an extra “boost” meant to reduce the more unpleasant symptoms of altitude.   Still, the short answer is…

thomson has highest summit success rate on kilimanjaro

How Much Does It Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro?

  If you’re seriously considering a Kilimanjaro trek, you’re probably aware there are a wide variety of trekking outfitters, at a wide range of price points.   Why so much variation? After all, aren’t you all climbing the same mountain?   It all comes down to two main factors: quality and ethics.   On the…