We have the fondest memories of the attentive, caring, quiet and steady support that Emma provided to us throughout our climb. We reached the summit with him on Oct. 15, 2015. Every morning, Emma was outside our tent helping to assure that we were "suited up" properly, had our belongings, and always offered to carry more than his fair share. He stayed at our sides throughout every day - both going up and coming down to make sure we were safe and supported to the best of his ability. We had many good talks along the way, also, about his life ambitions and dreams, his wish to continue his education, and his hopes of bettering his life and that of his family.

Emma was endlessly diligent in supporting us and in showing the same care and concern for all others in our group. I could not but notice his constant, quiet attentiveness as he anticipated our needs and simply was at our side always to meet them. At the toughest parts of the climb and descent, he was encouraging and supportive.

We formed a very special bond with Emma and have remained in contact with him since our climb. He is now enrolled in school to become a guide and is enthusiastically studying hard to advance his skills and his ability to support himself and his family. Along with going to school, he is rebuilding his family home, has buried his father (who was 98 years old when he passed a few months ago), and will be able to support himself and his mother as he furthers his education and is able to advance his career. We hope that our emotional, social, and financial support over the past year has returned to him some of our appreciation for his support during our climb.

Of course, we have wonderful memories of the entire group of porters and were amazed every day at their dedication, positive attitudes, caring and attention to our personal needs. Their singing and dancing after their hard days' work will always be remembered as a highlight of our trip! Our safety was at the center and they made it happen.

– Marcus Wood and Sue Hennessy

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Ima and Marcus

Our perpetually patient porter, Ima