My porter’s name was Henry. He shared with me that he was married and had two small children. His kindness, along with his help to lighten my load, enabled me to summit Kilimanjaro.

Let me share briefly the story of my journey to the top of Kilimanjaro. After we left base camp at midnight, Henry helped me by carrying my water and some of my snacks in my day pack. He was so attentive to my needs and asked several times if I needed a snack or water. He even went beyond his duties as a porter to put my gators on for me. Henry always had a smile when I needed it most.

It was important for me to reach the top of Kili for I was carrying a banner for my grandson, Eliah, who was born in Ethiopia and adopted through Hannah’s Hope. Every mile I succeeded raised more money for Hannah’s Hope. I wanted to thank them for helping Eliah and to help other orphan children.

Here is a picture of Henry and myself at the top of Kilimanjaro. Thank you, Henry, for helping me to summit and accomplish an important goal in my life. I experienced unspeakable joy knowing that I completed a lifelong dream as I stood holding the banner with you. Yes, anything is possible with faith, love and encouragement from others.

– Kris Donna Mack

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