My personal porter was responsible for breaking-down/setting-up my part of the tent every day. After every tough day, he (along with the other trekker's porters) came to meet us to carry our backpacks on the last 1/2 mile (or more) of the hike. I refused his help, wanting to make the trek without any assistance. On the descent from the summit, he, again, met me to assist and I again refused, but he stayed by my side the entire time, helping me on several occasions when I slipped and fell on my back side while sliding down the mountain. You just can't beat this type of dedication!

Both Crystal and I were remiss in not telling you (probably) the best porter story! On day one of our hike, the sole of Crystal's boot becomes lose – I believe it was the heel part that started to fall off. The guides used masking tape to keep it from falling completely off. Not long after that, the sole on her other boot came lose and started to fall off. I believe fellow trekker Fran had duct tape, which was used to keep the other sole on. Fran and I both thought that Crystal was going off the mountain before we got to our first camp. That night, the boots were given to one of the porters who re-stitched both boots before daybreak (see the photo below) - the rest is history.

– Jack DeForrest

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Crystal’s hiking boots were restitched and repaired by the porters!

Porters and guides greet Jack and Crystal’s group at Forest Camp with a song (and dance!)