Kelly trekked Thomson Safaris’ Western Approach Route in 2010, but was unable to complete her climb due to altitude sickness. She returned in July 2013 to climb the Grand Traverse and is overjoyed to have succeeded in reaching the summit this time around.

Having traveled to Kilimanjaro on two occasions, I would not recommend any company other than Thomson Safaris.  I watched other groups eating their boxed lunch, sitting on a rock, while I sat in a dining tent with tables and chairs. I watched other groups hiking on their own without a guide while we were always supported even through the difficult descent where we were all going at different speeds.

Thomson took excellent care of each traveler throughout each part of the trip. We had great information ahead of time, we had amazing support as we climbed and if evacuation is needed – you want Thomson taking care of you! On the plane on the way home I met another climber who could not believe that we were given a lovely lunch at Gilman’s Point at 18,650 feet! There was no thinking required when choosing a company, I would only travel to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro with Thomson Safaris.