Andrew Liu trekked Mount Kilimanjaro while his family visited the remote Mahale Mountains, and the East Serengeti in Tanzania. They ended their adventure together on safari in Northern Tanzania

We all had a great time on our respective trips – Tanzania is an amazing place and we appreciated the efforts of our guides and other crew to make the trip such a great experience.

On Kilimanjaro, I was impressed with the care and direction from our head guide, Bernard, and the assistant guides as well. Since we had a number of people who had limited camping experience, the guides did a pretty good job to keep them informed. I enjoyed chatting with several of the guides during the trek – they were all very friendly and knowledgeable about the plants, birds, and climate zones. The porters were fantastic at getting camp broken down and set up again at the new site. My rental gear (sleeping bag, fleece liner, and gaiters) worked perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion of using gaiters – my boots stayed clear of trail debris and I’m a believer now!

Brenda and the kids had a super time in Mahale – it was a fantastic location for them to experience. They also visited the East Serengeti, where they enjoyed the stop at the Maasai village and the interactions with the Maasai people. It was time well spent in the East Serengeti, and the night drives were in the Eastern Serengeti and they thought those were very cool.  We finally joined back together for the remainder of ourNorthern Tanzania safari. Our guide, Mussa, was on top of his bird and animal knowledge and did a great job driving us around and anticipating where the animals would be.

We all had a wonderful time and appreciated how Thomson Safaris ran a largely flawless trip so we could just focus on enjoying what Tanzania had to offer.