Wonderful trip! What an adventure and experience! The crew in Arusha provided an A+, world class experience that exceeded my expectations. I now know why, through experience, Thomson is one of the World’s Best safari outfitter. From accommodations pre/post trip and the mini-safari, to gear and delicious food on the mountain, it was the perfect trip. Most meaningful, however, were members of the team that guided us to the summit. Tremendously hard working, always kind, always supportive, they will be a lasting memory. Let me mention three persons individually, though those that I will not specifically mention also did a wonderful job.

1. Bernard was extraordinary. I have never met a more competent, professional, committed individual. His good cheer and his commitment to our success were constant and sincere. His concern for, and awareness of, our physical well being and status was so impressive. I can tell you that I would not have been successful, but for his unwavering concern and encouragement.

2. Adam is just great. Always encouraging, always with a joke or laugh, always there to help. He will, no doubt, be a lead guide for you in the future.

3. John, our waiter, might be one of the neatest people I have ever met. Highly professional in his job, but always there for a smile and support. He did a wonderful job at getting us to eat (sole, sole) when we were not hungry, and his kind voice and smiling face added extra pleasure to morning coffee and all meals.

Everyone planning to climb Kilimanjaro or go on safari (or both) need to know about Thomson. It is a company that actually delivers on its promises and consistently exceeds expectations.