a man who was able to climb kilimanjaro, standing at the summit.

“Can I climb Kili?” is a question many of our guests ask themselves throughout the planning stages of their trek. A mountain that stretches 19,341 feet high, Kilimanjaro is a serious feat that requires physical strength, mental endurance, and a lot of determination. You too might be wondering if you’re up to the challenge. The answer is yes!

At Thomson Safaris, we lead people of all ages and levels of experience to the top. Our treks have a 98% summit success rate, and you can be a part of that! Here’s what some of our trekkers had to say about climbing Kili with Thomson Safaris:


Nicole C - A woman who climbed mount kilimanjaro

A Self-Proclaimed City Girl

Nicole Cicogna
Age: 41
Level of experience: Beginner

“Before Kilimanjaro, the highest I’d ever climbed was to the top of the Empire State Building – and in heels! Climbing Kilimanjaro was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding.”


Bob W - a retired man who climbed mount kilimanjaro

An Active Retiree

Bob Walls
Age: 67
Level of experience: Intermediate

“The climb is a challenge, as it is supposed to be, but with the great support and experience of the Thomson guide and porter team, it becomes doable.”


A family who climbed mount kilimanjaro together.

A Multi-Generational Family

The Marshalls
Ages: 23-70
Level of experience: Varied

“Three generations of my family – my son, brother, and nearly 70-year-old father –had a lifelong dream to climb Kili together. With the help of our first class guides and porters, we all safely summited!”


Thomas R - a man who climbed mount kilimanjaro

An Avid Thrill Seeker

Thomas Rohrer
Age: 50
Level of experience: Intermediate

“I love physical challenges and outdoor activities, and climbing Kili is a perfect combination of the two. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to be a world-class climber to get to the top, but it does require patience and perseverance.”


Vanessa O - a woman who climbed mount kilimanjaro

A Record-Setting Mountaineer

Vanessa O’Brien
Age: 48
Level of experience: Advanced

“No matter how much climbing you’ve done, you have to respect a mountain that’s 19,341 feet tall. The altitude makes it a challenge, even for the most experienced trekker.”

Still not sure if you’re ready to climb? Read how Erin, a Thomson staffer and trekking novice, prepared for her trek (and summited!).