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top 4 hiking boots for kilimanjaro

The Top 3 Best Boots for Climbing Kilimanjaro

What are the best boots for climbing Kilimanjaro? At minimum, 30 miles will stand between you and the top of the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet. Not any old boot will get you there. The right boot will make a world of difference in terms of your comfort, blister mitigation and overall success. For…

kilimanjaro trekking gear recommendations

From Head to Toe: 15 Kilimanjaro Gear Recommendations from Thomson Staff

  Wondering where to start when you’re gearing up for Kilimanjaro? Our trekking experts have built a list of our top gear recommendations for you. From boots to bags, sunglasses and gaiters, consider this a starting point as you prepare for your Kili adventure!   HEADWEAR Sunglasses Any polarized wrap-around sunglasses with 100% UV protection…

water bottles vs hydration bladder for kilimanjaro

Water Bottles vs Hydration Bladders: Pros and Cons

Water is heavy. It sloshes around. How you store it during your Kili trek can make for a noticeably different experience. Kili trekkers usually opt for one of two setups when it comes to hydration transportation: 1) 4 Nalgene water bottles, or 2) 1 hydration bladder and 3 Nalgene bottles. Which setup is best for…

packing advice from people who trekked kilimanjaro

Must-Have Kilimanjaro Gear Recommendations from Guests

When you’re trying to pack Kilimanjaro gear that keeps your duffle bag under the required 33-pound limit, do you really need gaiters? Nasal decongestant? A nail brush? Everything you see on our expert-curated Kilimanjaro packing list is there for a specific reason. Don’t just take our word for it! We asked our trekking guests on…

hiking boots on kilimanjaro

Buying and Breaking in Boots for Kilimanjaro

  You’re about to walk over 30 miles up the tallest mountain on the continent. Trust us – your boots are your most important piece of equipment. So, let’s talk about boots! What should you buy and how should you get them ready for the mountain?   How to Buy Boots for Kilimanjaro First, we…

what to wear recommendations on mount kilimanjaro

What to Wear on Kilimanjaro: Tips and Staff Recommendations

How do you dress to hike through Kilimanjaro’s five climate zones? From the humid, equatorial heat of the rainforest (high of 70-90 degrees) to the peak’s icy drifts (low of -10 degrees), this mountain will require quite a few wardrobe changes. You won’t just change outfits from zone to zone either. Kilimanjaro creates its own…

A variety of sleeping bags

Sleep Right! Picking the Right Sleeping Bag for Kilimanjaro

Getting enough sleep on the mountain is an important factor for summit success…but it can be hard. It’s going to be cold on Kili, and buying the wrong bag—or using it incorrectly, and missing out on some of its warmth potential—can be the difference between getting a full night’s rest and getting frustrated by a night full of shivering. Make sure you’re considering all of the following important factors

Crater camp on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Warm Up! How Not To Be Chilly on Kili

We warn all our trekkers that no matter what time of year they climb Kilimanjaro, they can expect it to feel like winter at the summit. Facing some chilly weather is a fact of life on the mountain, but there are a few things you can do to stay toasty during your climb…

Information on layering for a Kilimanjaro trek

How to Layer for Kilimanjaro

All performance apparel is not the same – each layer has a specific function. Find out when and how to use your layers to keep you comfortable on Kili. Our staff weighs in with specific brand recommendations, too!