We feel so fortunate for this experience. 3

It was a totally amazing experience!  Thanks for the help in coordinating and providing us with all the trip details and guidance. We feel so fortunate to have had this experience and know that we got our money’s worth by choosing Thomson.

Talking with the staff and learning a little Swahili was a real trip highlight.  I was blown away by the kindness and diligence exhibited by each of the guides, waiters, and porters on our journey to the top of the mountain.  Besides a safe summit, it was obvious during the hike that customer service is Thomson’s number one goal.

At first we were all surprised by the amount of support crew (38) traveling for just our group of eight climbers.  Then, after seeing just how much went into setting up camp and getting us to each site, it was obvious that this was an immensely coordinated production.  With that much support and comfort there was no question that we were getting to the top!

It was a real surprise to see so much wildlife at Ndarakwai Camp [before the trek].  What they’ve done and are currently doing there is awesome. We were especially impressed with our walking guide who wouldn’t give up until we had seen some elephants up close.

We had such an amazing vacation and feel so satisfied to have made it to the top!  Thanks so much again for your help and for the great experience that Tanzania and Thomson provided!

Dave & Amy M.
Kilimanjaro Western Approach Route, July 2011

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