Private and Custom Kilimanjaro Treks

Summit on the Summit group at Uhuru Peak

MTV Celebrity Summit on the Summit group at Uhuru Peak

Traveling with a special interest group? Does your group have a tight schedule or prefer exclusivity? Celebrating a special event? Choose your own departure dates, climbing route, and trek length.


At Thomson, we want you to embark on a Kilimanjaro trek that’s right for you. We take pride in the design of our pre-planned routes, but we want you to have options. If our routes don’t feel just right, if you want a private trek with your family or friends, or if you’re operating on a tight schedule, we’ll custom-design a trek to fit your needs. We work with groups of any size.

We also have extensive experience leading film crews up the mountain. We’ll help you obtain film permits, importation bonds, specialty visas, and other government requirements. From charity climbers to documentary groups—we’ve worked with them all. Check some out:

MTV’s Summit on the Summit

Kilimanjaro Documentary: Through the Roof

WaterCan’s Kilimanjaro Climb for Life

Not sure what route would be best for your group? Want more details on charity climbs or filmed treks? Call us today at 800-235-0289. Tell us your group size, interests, ages, and high altitude experience, and we’ll suggest the best route for your private trip.  

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