Kilimanjaro Luxury Climb

A trek up Kilimanjaro is supposed to be a challenging, rigorous experience, but it wouldn’t be a Thomson trip without those little luxuries! Your mountaineering camps include unique innovations and the highest quality amenities on Kilimanjaro. Our Kilimanjaro luxury climbs include:

Eco-Friendly Solar-Lit Dining Tents

At the end of a hard day’s hike, comfortable, inviting dining tents will be exactly what you need to restore both your strength and your spirits. Your dining tents feature:

  • Eco-friendly solar lighting
  • Lounge chairs with arm- and backrests (instead of the small backless stools most groups use to save on weight). Sit back and relax in these comfortable chairs!

Thomson trekkers enjoying a meal in their solar-lit dining tent. Photo by: Joel Goldwein

Hygienic Private Toilets:

A private toilet tent isn’t just a luxury; once you see the public long-drop toilets used by hundreds of trekkers daily (and rarely, if ever, cleaned), you’ll realize it’s a necessity! Your exclusive customized toilet tents:

  • Give you welcome privacy
  • Help you stay healthy, thanks to strict hygiene standards and ample hand sanitizer
  • Feature eco-friendly portable pump-flush toilets


Customized Mountaineering Tents:

Thomson guests stay dry and warm in customized professional mountaineering tents, featuring:

  • Unique, full-tent footprint closed-cell foam ground pads (which help keep you, and all of your gear, warm and dry)
  • Specially tailored fly sheets with vestibule
  • Our exclusive upgraded zipper system, which keeps rain, wind, and dust out, making your tent warmer and drier than you could ever imagine
  • Room enough for three trekkers…but we only ever sleep two in a tent, so you’ll have room to spread out!


NEW! Upgraded Grand Traverse Luxury Tents
All Grand Traverse treks include Thomson’s new, Solar-Lit, Walk-In Height Sleeping Tents with sturdy mountaineering beds and plush mattresses for maximum comfort while on the trail.


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