Kilimanjaro Porter Ethics

Thomson porters in their all-weather uniforms

Thomson porters in their all-weather uniforms

For many years Thomson Safaris and the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project have been collaborating closely to ensure proper treatment of their porters. KPAP applauds Thomson's diligence and is able to guarantee that Thomson is setting the premier standard for ethical treatment of Kilim

Our guests rely on their expert Kilimanjaro porters to get up the mountain safely and comfortably; they carry the majority of guest belongings, and set up and break down each campsite. Without their hard work, our treks wouldn’t be possible, and we respect what they do for all our guests deeply.

Unfortunately, poor treatment of porters is an epidemic on the mountain, where they’re regularly exploited by budget climbing outfits. We do things differently at Thomson:

  • As a founding member of the  Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project (KPAP), we’re working to improve industry-wide porter treatment. This group establishes and monitors standards for porter wages, medical care, and appropriate attire. It stands up for a group of people too often exploited in the past.
  • We provide one of the highest porter compensation packages in Tanzania. Your porters earn not only top wages and bonuses, but also receive comprehensive benefits, including medical care, advanced training, and educational opportunities.
  • Kilimanjaro Porters on Thomson treks are paid bonuses for bringing down trash left by other companies. Last season this initiative removed over 400 lbs. from Kili. Trekking Kili is our passion; we want the mountain to stay beautiful for generations to come.
  • Your porters have professional all-weather uniforms. No other company on the mountain provides these to porters. We also ensure that every  porter has a hat, gloves, proper footwear, warm layers, and mountaineering glasses.
  • Your Kilimanjaro porters have safe and comfortable accommodations. Mountaineering tents protect them from the elements, and closed-cell foam sleeping pads keep those tents warm and dry.


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