The best money I have ever spent!!

Colleen, Mary, and Annie climbed Kilimanjaro’s Western Approach Route with Thomson Safaris in January 2013

“This trip was the best money I have ever spent!!  I can’t say enough about the excellent guides and porters that worked with us on our trip.  Andrew, Francis, Simon, Glory and Dixon deserve special mention for their hard work and excellence in everything they did.” – Colleen Flatten

“Thanks so much!!  We had a grand adventure and really appreciated how wonderfully Thomson took care of us.  Our head guide Andrew was truly outstanding and his expert judgement and critical thinking made us all feel safe.  I have worked in health care for over 30 years and the challenges of the mountain really do require experts like Andrew, Simon, Frances and Glory to make it a safe trip.  The challenges of the group with all that impacts the function of the body made it fascinating–but made us really respect the expert opinions of your well trained staff.  Thanks!!” – Mary Dudley

” I can not tell you how much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Kilimanjaro adventure!!!!  Thomson and staff are the BEST!!  Our guides were over the edge superb!!!!!” – Annie Beinborn

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