I would go with Thomson again to anywhere.

We all agreed that we paid for first-class service and we received first-class service.  I would go with Thomson Safaris again to anywhere.  Your crew did an outstanding job. We could just marvel how they managed to keep up their happy spirits despite the heavy work.  Also the food and service was amazing under such harsh conditions.

It was reassuring to see that safety was always at the forefront.  Also Thomson’s concern about the welfare of the porters made a big difference in choosing this company.

Our tents, camp, food and staff appeared to be far superior to the other mountain trekkers’ which we encountered on the way.  Our guides were the best.  We always felt well-informed about the upcoming day and when needed they were willing to give up their own comfort just to make sure we are all well taken care of.  This is beyond the call of duty.

Helga A.
Western Approach Route, February 2010

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