Thomson did a superb job on so many levels.


Joel Batzofin & Teresa Randolph

Western Approach

Teresa had undergone shoulder surgery on July 31st last year for a torn rotator cuff. She needed intense physical therapy and her physical therapy team took an active interest in our climb.  Teresa took up a banner for them and they blogged about it.

We had an incredible climb up Kilimanjaro with Thomson Safaris!  I can’t recommend Thomson Safaris highly enough and without the expertise of wonderful guides like Pendaeli and Andrew, we would not have made it to the top.  The food was incredible on the trip and we adored our waiter, Pascal! The camps were wonderful. Tents were excellent and camp was always clean.  Outstanding!  Our guides and porters were wonderful and made our experience very special. We truly could not have made the summit without their help.

An authentic African experience. Thomson did a superb job on so many levels. Well done!


“When we finally reached the summit, I felt such… relief. I mean the night before you feel a lot of trepidation, asking yourself if you can handle the altitude up there.  You’re at 17,000 feet on the day before you climb to the summit, so you’ve already come so far.  When we got to Uhuru Peak I just felt so… exhilarated, hugely proud, and had such a sense of pride and accomplishment.”  – Teresa Randolph


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