I am so thrilled I joined this wonderful trip.


Mary Ruth B.

Grand Traverse

I was very nervous about traveling alone for this trip. I researched many companies and every time, Thomson Safaris came out as the best.

On my first call I explained my apprehension, and Katie pointed out “This will be the first time in your life where you will not have to worry about anyone but yourself. If you were traveling with a friend or your husband and they didn’t summit, you might feel guilty, but going alone, you’ll only have to focus on you – with medically trained guides, porters, and new friends cheering you on, friends you’ll most likely have for a life-time.” She was SO RIGHT!

It was such a great trip and I can only sing the highest praises for Thomson. I am so thrilled I joined this wonderful trip. It was such a great group and we had great guides and porters. So many many great memories and I now have new friends for life! Thanks so much for all your help in preparing.  The BEST trip in the world!!

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