What a team. Consummate professionals. 1

Dennis trekked Kilimanjaro with Thomson Safaris in February 2013

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What a team. Consummate professionals. I did extensive research and I was not let down. I liked the 9-day option and the day light summit attempt.

Thomson has excellent credibility and reputation among the industry. I came across some other outfits on the mountain that I thanked the Lord I was not climbing with.  No question I would tell anyone looking for the right trekking company, you are the only way to go.

If you want to climb Kilimanjaro and  enjoy doing it, call Thomson. I booked the trip after extensive internet research and went through your website. Why anyone would book the trek based on a cheaper price astounds me.

Dennis N.
Kilimanjaro Western Approach Trek, February 2013

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    David Newton

    I loved watching your progress, I have a yearning to climb mountains myself. In addition to Kilimanjaro I’m fascinated by Everest. Any future locations or plans?

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