I would definitely recommend Thomson.

Photo: Robert E. Hyman

Kilimanjaro Climb:
I can honestly say that I am very happy that we chose to do this project with Thomson. From the first phone call through all the details and logistics involved your team was a genuine pleasure to work with. My primary contacts, Michael and Katie were knowledgeable, and very professional, always prompt in returning calls and answering questions. They were truly excellent to work with. I know our project was a bit of a challenge, but it all ran exceptional smoothly with their help and guidance.

The guides were excellent, and the food was the best I have ever had under such difficult field conditions. We (amazingly) managed to put all 24 team members on the summit! Our research project was quite a success, and the Thomson staff was very accommodating throughout the project.


In my opinion, having traveled quite a bit, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are among the Wonders of the World. This is world class animal habitat and is more spectacular in many ways than the Galapagos. When I think of all the families that travel to places like Disney World year after year, it seems like such a waste. If they saved up for a year or two they could visit Tanzania and have a genuine, rock-your-world, experience of a lifetime. I can’t think of a more interesting, or more valuable and educational place to visit and take your kids.

This was an excellent experience for all involved. I would definitely recommend Thomson, and would use Thomson again for any project in Tanzania.

Many thanks!

Scott Hamilton,Expedition Leader & Research Study Coordinator
East Africa High Altitude Research Expedition

Thomson Safaris led this 24-member biomedical research team
to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. During the trek, the team conducted
high altitude physiology research.

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