Guest Reviews

We hear it time and again from guests returning from their treks: “Thomson is clearly the best outfit on the mountain.”  But don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

We can’t believe how hard the staff works to make us comfortable!

The porters and guides were fantastic. We can’t believe how hard they work to make us comfortable. Our awesome head guide, Onest, was a font of information about botany and wildlife. He was most patient with Sandy, as being only 5 feet tall some of those boulders that we had to climb over were as big as her. We absolutely would not have made it up to the Uhuru peak without him and his “Pole, Pole, Sandy.”

Your company is even better than all your accolades would suggest!

I can’t say enough about every chef, porter, driver, assistant guide, and camp folks we came in contact with. We will never forget them and hope we can greet a few and welcome them into our home should they come to the US.For me personally, it was my first time to be a “client” after 15 years in international tourism as a guide and trip manager. Your company is even better than all your accolades would suggest.

Thomson was professional, helpful and all around perfect!

The climb was something we will never forget and was incredible.  Our head guide, Abel and the entire crew were fantastic! I honestly do not have one bad word to say about any aspect of the trip.

A huge congratulations to Thomson’s oldest Kilimanjaro summiteer – 79 year old Joe B.!

This trip changed my way of thinking.  I could not use my usual cocky attitude and say: I will make it.  It was rather, will I make it?

Summitting Kili has been the single greatest achievement of my life.

Thomson has a fantastic staff both on and off the mountain. The trip was absolutely amazing.

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