Professional Chefs & Nutrition

You’ll need all your energy to reach Uhuru peak, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure you have delicious, nutritious food every step of the way:


Chefs with hygienic food preparation training:

Tanzania doesn’t necessarily have the same standards of food hygiene as the western world, which is why your chefs receive extensive training in food hygiene and safety.

An Italian chef in Arusha intensively trains all mountain chefs on how to clean their hands, the utensils, and the food, how to keep food at safe temperatures, and about the seriousness of food allergies (which essentially don’t exist in Tanzania), so everything served on the mountain is as safe as it is delicious!


Unlimited safe drinking water:

Believe it or not, many climbing outfits actually ration the amount of water their trekkers can drink daily (often with disastrous effects on summit success). Thanks to top-of-the-line PUR water treatment systems, which first treat the water to eliminate any micro-organisms then filter it, you’ll have access to as much safe water as you can drink, all the way up the mountain.


Nutritionist-designed meals:

Eating at altitude requires a special diet, with a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat designed to give you the right amount (and kind) of energy. Your meals have been designed with a nutritionist to ensure you get just that, 3 times a day!


Fresh food all the way up the mountain:

Most other companies only provide fresh foods and produce on the first day or two of a trek. If you choose Thomson, you’ll benefit from special cooling chests and regular resupplies throughout the trek, so you’ll have fresh, appealing food from start to summit!


Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free:

These and other special dietary need and allergies can be accommodated with advance notice, and will be strictly adhered to on the mountain.


Eco-friendly meals:

Most of the produce you’ll eat on the mountain comes from organic gardens near Thomson Tanzania’s Arusha offices. The delicious fresh-baked bread you’ll eat comes from ovens fueled with recycled motor oil from safari vehicles. And your team will always adhere to Leave No Trace ethics, removing any waste created on Kilimanjaro.


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