Mount Kilimanjaro Facts

Photo by Jimmy Chin

Photo by Jimmy Chin

“The Roof of Africa.” The tallest mountain on the continent. The tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro is a natural wonder, with a rich history, an intriguingly varied ecology, and a long-standing pull on the imaginations of peoples the world over.


Get more information about Mount Kilimanjaro, the site of your once-in-a-lifetime adventure:

  • Routes & Maps: Learn more about the routes you can take up the mountain.
  • Climate Zones: From the foothills to the summit, there are five distinct climate zones on Kilimanjaro, each with its own characteristic flora and fauna (or lack thereof), temperature range, and terrain. Get a taste of what you’ll see on your way up the mountain.
  • Kilimanjaro Facts & History: When was Kili first summited? Just how tall is the Roof of Africa? And why is it called that in the first place? Learn more about the mountain you’ll be climbing.
  • Myths of Kilimanjaro: It’s not just trekkers that are drawn to Kilimanjaro! See how Kili has figured in myth and popular culture throughout history.

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